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Here's what our clients and the media are saying...

Breaking Through a Bench Press Plateau, Part 1: The Mental Side

-D'Angelo Kinard (Stack Magazine)

Building Punching Power From the Ground Up

-D'Angelo Kinard (Stack Magazine)

A Simple MMA Conditioning Workout

-D'Angelo Kinard (Stack Magazine)

Hey D'Angelo I just wanted to say thanks for the strength and conditioning training. You pushed me to,and beyond what i thought was my limit. Already being a World Champion I needed a challenging program, and you did perfect! Pushing me and motivating me at the same time. Everyday i felt better as an athlete after the workout than before. -Cory

MMA Ammo wants to thank D'Angelo Kinard for the advice we got for a fighter we wanted to help. We knew a fighter that had a title fight coming up soon and he was getting a little nervous about the fight due to the hype that was behind it. Not only was it his first title fight, but it was going to be shown on National TV. MMA Ammo knew the man to ask for advice. Coach D provided us with a great game plan on how to "clean up" those pre-fight jitters by handing us a broken down, easy to follow instructional guide. Including how important it is to build strength mentally, documenting yourself, and the training behind a big fight. All these were implemented, and guess who took home the belt. Not saying it was all Mr. kinard, but his wisdom in the fight world is an essential piece of AMMO to have.

Thanks for everything you gave us!

James Garcia MMAAMMO.com 

Tom Barlow BJJ Brown Belt

"I've been trainig with Coach D for about 5 months, my main goal when I first contacted him was to be able to push hard from stepping on the mat to the last second of a fight. Thanks to Coach D's training I can now do that every fight.

His training was one of the main reasons why I won the British Open No Gi Championship Elite Division, in which I beat two Black belts and a Brown on the way to winning the tournament. (I'm only a Brown Belt myself)

Coach D's workouts are crazy hard, but the most effective sessions I've ever done. Every day I'm getting better as an athlete and competitor. Your Workout reallis is my Warm Up." 

Tom Barlow

Gracie Barra Plymouth, UK 

"Big thanks to ASP for a world class training regimen to prepare for competition...Not only that but a nutrition package to go along with it...I went from 193 to 171 in about 3 weeks and safely put weight back on for the fight...I walked into the ring at 184.2 9 hours after weigh ins...on a side note ASP is for serious people/athletes ONLY! There is no easy way to get what you want." -Jon Delbrugge

David & Cathy Zwanetz

A sincere “thank you” to ASP/D’Angelo Kinard
My name is David Zwanetz. I am a Team Lloyd Irvin Purple Belt training and competing out of Crazy 88 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Elkridge, Maryland.  I can honestly say that after six (6) weeks of ASP circuit routines, I have never felt stronger, faster, and healthier than I feel right now.  Somehow D’Angelo has found the perfect balance of strength training and conditioning to allow muscle to be put on my frame without excess weight being gained.  I have been strength training for a majority of my life and never have I seen and felt results so rapidly.  My wife, Cathy Tran-Zwanetz, Lloyd Irvin Blue Belt competitor, has literally been transformed during our six week love/hate relationship with the ASP routines.  Cathy was able to shed ten (10) pounds while at the same time put on tons of lean muscle.  Cathy’s explosiveness and raw strength have improved 100%.  Her confidence in the gym has been catapulted as well. I give my absolute stamp of approval to ASP and D’Angelo and simply cannot wait to see what will happen after nine (9) months of steady work as Cathy and I work towards our goal of winning the 2011 World Championships of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Thank you D’Angelo!!!

Strength and Conditioning Trainers-How do you choose the right one?

"At Team Lloyd Irvin we have a coach that puts all other strength and conditioning trainers to shame... D'Angelo Kinard"

By Jim Harbison Ream more

Mixed Martial Arts Workout
 By Jim Harbison
 ...it is necessary to have a specific mixed martial arts workout.... Here at Team Lloyd Irvin we have an EXCLUSIVE TOP SECRET WEAPON-- Coach D'Angelo Kinard.

Lori Lewis, in her figure debut, selected as best poser at the 2010 Presidential Cup.

Strength: A State of Mind
by Advanced Sports Performance

"If you have failed to dedicate yourself to improving your performance, strength, edurnace, etc each time you set out on your particular field of compeition, then you are not strong. One must cultivate mental strength as they also work to increase their physical strength." Read Full Article Here

Advanced Sports Performance Comes to Elkridge

Team Lloyd Irvin Camp Springs’ D’Angelo Kinard came to Crazy 88 BJJ this Saturday to hold a Strength & Conditioning seminar. Read More Here

Advanced Sports Performance @ Crazy 88 BJJ

Yes sir I actually did implement the changes when I lifted I.....(classified training secrets)... in the morning later that afternoon in bjj I was rolling with a guy 60LBS heavier than me I felt great he said I don't know what you did in a week but you feel way more explosive than normal so thank you sir I really do apppreciate it! THANK YOU COACH D I APPRECIATE The great advice  -Tai Sanders

Spoils of Victory

A few of the medals earned by ASP clients at the 2010 Jiu Jitsu Mundials in California.  

Advanced Sports Performance trains the Hulk! UWC Bantam Weight Title holder
Mike "The Hulk" Easton that is..........

Michale Fowler Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black belt


Advanced Sports Performance alum Marcus Dowtin

Earlier in the week, Rich was asked about true freshmen that were doing well, and he mentioned receivers A.J. Green, Tavarres King, cornerback Brandon Boykin and place-kicker Blair Walsh. When the question was posed again Friday, he added offensive linemen Ben Jones and Cordy Glenn, defensive back Bacarri Rambo and linebacker Marcus Dowtin to this list.

I have made tremendous gains using the lean fat diet provided by Advance Sports Performance. They diet has enabled me to eat more healthy and create better long term eating habits.  I have dropped 10 pounds since I started the diet. My body is leaner than it’s ever been and I owe it all to Advance Sports Performance. Thank you.  

-Jymil Thompson, Educational Advisor

"One of my goals for 2008 was to get back on the stage and compete and D'Angelo enthusiastically joined me in this pursuit. He made the 3 months of training not only physically rewarding, but also fun.  I simply could not have done it without him.  His passion for fitness seeps through the drastic changes to my physique and the energy he has is contagious!


Of all the trainers I have worked with over the years, D'Angelo is the best personal trainer I know. His knowledge of fitness is such an encouragement. If you are ready to work hard and commit to a healthier and fitter you, I highly recommend hiring D'Angelo as your trainer."

-Pamela Toe, Figure Competitor 

 "I started attending boot camp in February of 2008. I initially joined to get active and lose 10 pounds. Before joining boot camp I was very lazy and did not like exercising at all, but after one month of actively participating in boot camp and actually work hard. I started to notice changes in my body. I hard a better endurance level for rigorous activities and I start to love thanking control of my physically strength. Like any exercise routine it is and was not easy but I kept my goal in mind and work hard. D'Angelo is a very good motivator and excellent trainer.  He keeps you motivated and gives you a total body workout within an hour. He also gives you tips on the right foods to eat and how to eat well to improve your health. You are guaranteed to sweat and improve. I have lost 10 pounds and will continue to exercise to improve my health."

-Tracy Dawodu, College Student

Trainer D'Angelo Kinard gets down on the mat to motivate the wrestlers as they finish their workout.

Twice a week fitness instructor D'Angelo Kinard lead the team through exercises.

Ward, arms crossed in a small wrestling room his team shares with the dance team, listens to Kinard's drill sergeant-like yells and nods his head. "This gives our guys an edge over their opponent," Ward said, watching the brutal MMA-style workout. "
                                                                                                A New Grip on Talent, Washington Post

Client Spotlight
Marcus Dowtin

Great job at the Offense-Defense Bowl! We look forward to seeing the same effort this summer and even better performances in the future at the University of Georgia!

Ward credits his team's conditioning as a reason that they are able to compete in and complete their matches, "the kids we have pretty much dominated," said Ward.  D'Angelo Kinard and Daniel Silva, via their company Advanced Sports Performance, volunteer between one and two hours each week during practice to run the wrestlers through conditioning exercises.

                                                          Pete Ward, Head Wrestling Coach Bowie HS

“I actually began my training with Advanced Sports Performance about 2 years ago. I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and achieved my fitness goals. But more than that, the instruction and support provided by my trainer made me feel alive. After about six months of training, I had to relocate for my job and I was concerned that it would be difficult to maintain my results. My trainer coached me by phone, email, and Coaching Notes. I discovered that by consulting with my trainer on a regular basis, I could continue my training with Coach D although many miles would separate us. Amazingly, my training continued uninterrupted and I am looking and feeling as great as ever. Thanks "D."                                                                  

                                                                       Valerie S., Corporate Manager

“I always wanted to hire a personal trainer but didn't know how to determine if I was hiring the right person. A friend told me about D'Angelo and his knack for motivating the most unmotivated person into exercising. I thought that I was a lost cause, but that I would give the exercise thing one more try. I must admit I was skeptical, but now I love to work out. D made exercising fun and exciting. I don't know how, but he did. But more than that, his instruction was effective. I lost 20 lbs in 30 days. He taught me how to eat without counting calories or starving myself. As he always says, "Don't go on a diet, because when you go on a diet, you eventually come off of that diet." He was right and now I am continuing to Improve 1% everyday.”

                                                              Rachel M., Homemaker

“As a personal trainer I felt confident in my knowledge in the fitness field and in my own training regimen, and I thought for the longest time that a personal trainer doesn't need a personal trainer. But I found myself at a plateau. My background was in power lifting and I knew how to train my physique for that purpose. But as I retired from competition I wanted to change my body into a more sleek and chiseled appearance. Coach D and his staff were the answer I was looking for. I was able to completely transform my physique. I even began to incorporate some of Advanced Sports' regimens into the routines of my own clients. So in a way my training sessions paid for itself. But we’ll just keep that our little secret. Thanks Advanced Sports Performance.”

                                                              Brian J., Personal Trainer

“I was recovering from a triple bypass, when my doctor informed me that I need to diet and exercise. He suggested that the instruction of a good trainer might be in order. I figured that since my life wad literally on the line, that I should seek the best trainer possible. D'Angelo I only wished I had found you sooner. You have been more than a great trainer, you have become a good friend. Thanks for saving my life."

                                                         Jacob W., Computer Analyst

"The summer before I was to play my first year of college football, I knew I needed an edge. I worked out all the time, but wasn't sure if I was getting the most form my training. I was not certain that my routine was geared toward the position I wanted to play. I needed help, and the D and the guys at Advanced Sports were the solution. I was able to get stronger and decrease my 40 time in a matter of months. I appreciate all of the things that I learned, and look forward to coming back next summer."

                                                       R. Thurston, Collegiate Safety

"Coach D has taught me how to breathe. I know this sounds strange but I learned just how important breathing is during workouts and in my daily life. When faced with stressful situations or a challenging routine I am able to rely on the breathing cues I have learned through my training."


                                                           Allan J., Realtor 

This is only some of what our clients have had to say.

 Let’s make your success story next!